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About The Golf Gauger

Like any golfing aid, the Golf Gauger is designed to take strokes off of your scorecard.

Golf Gauger is a new invention. The ideal golf practice telescopic pole complete with flag.Constucted from aluminium with coloured graphics. Fits in a standard golf bag.
The bottom section has a pointed spike. It separates from the outer tube section.It has a machined chamfer which allows it to be knocked into firm ground avoiding damage to the shaft end. When extended stands at 6ft1. When retracted the height is 3ft1" .
It can be used for practice on a golf course which has a practice green, a field, large garden, or a park. It comes in a choice of two graphic design colours red or blue.
The pointed spike is covered when retracted for safety inside the outer tube and secured by the twistlock device.

How to Use The Golf Gauger

To release spike from Golf Gauger

    • Turn twistlock anticlockwise
    • Shake downwards - to release spike
    • Colour marker indicates maximum length
    • Tighten twistlock at desired length
    • Slide flag over pole and tie

A word from the creator...

'I've been a golf fanatic since I holed a 70 yarder with a seven iron on the fifth hole of  a golf course in North Lanarkshire in the days when Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Lee Trevino were just beginning to fill their trophy cabinets.

In between selling cars to pay the bills, I have been lugging a bag up  and down fairways all over the country - and abroad. Like all golfers, i was constantly thinking of ways to improve my game. Then the idea of the Golf Gauger struck me.

I immediately  realised how helpful it would be to golfers, male and female, of all handicaps and all ages.I hope you will agree that the Golf Gauger will be a great boon on the practice area of your own golf club,your back garden or even an empty stretch of grass.
I am confident It will help you lower your handicap. Go on. Give it a go.

John Fullerton, Creator of The Golf Gauger


TM for logo No. 010396653 symbols and UK  Patent Pending No. 1117747.4 In the Name of John Fullerton Portable Target Apparatus.

Thanks to Ron Bilsborough for his efforts in the manufacture of the Golf Gauger.

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